Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pictures of miley cyrus. Super pics.

Pictures of miley cyrus. Great picz:

pictures of miley cyruspictures of miley cyruspictures of miley cyrus
This is not a question I hate miley!? FYIi hate Miley Cyrus do not want to know why, message me cause i am not jealous, and I certainly dont love her .......... My question is why no matter what put lovers miley miley haters on Yahoo or make on YouTube? just because you love her doesn't I mean. BTW, and it is given too much popularity, I went to big lots and I saw a miley doll for 30 U.S. dollars. the reason miley haters post things like i hate miley is because they want people to agree with them and miley lovers, you have seen the pictures of Miley, the people avalible in these days? go to youtube and search and i hate miley i hate Miley Cyrus. my personal favorite (sarcasm people) is, where they pose in front of a car with their pants below their buttocks with their underwear see my 2nd and 3 Favorites is where she is in her bathroom with just his shirt and her underwear and picture of the oh so famous they had to share a piece of chocolate in a hotel hallway. We will see how many miley fans say oh you are just jealous!
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